We specialise in creating luxury kitchen designs for every project. We will work with you throughout the design process to ensure the end result is exactly what you want. After all its you that will be living with the end product for many years to come.

At Meister Kitchens a kitchen design begins with a free home visit, where we would take accurate measurements, take photographs, listen to your ideas, and offer solutions to problems you currently have. All this information can be used for planning to create a design for your dream kitchen that fits your budget.

We take all of this information back to the office where we can spend the necessary amount of time needed to come up with the perfect solution for you . The design process throughout involves working closely with you so we can come up with a design that is ideal for you.
(Never accept a kitchen design done in 15mins, the end result will never be perfect)

After an initial outline drawing, we will make amendments as per your comments and once we've been able to wow you, we can utilise the latest computer imagery software to produce a full photorealistic version which will be as close to being in the finished kitchen as it’s available to achieve.

We can help solve storage problems, accessibility problems, space issues and if needed we can change the current layout to bring it up-to-date and utilise all the space available. We can emphasise your favourite features and eliminate the headaches of an older designed kitchen. Our lifestyles have changed over the years and it can be frustrating if your kitchen stays stuck in time.

Designing a kitchen can be challenging if you don’t have prior knowledge and experience. At Meister Kitchens we are happy to guide you through and answer any questions big or small!
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